Herbal Medicine for Yogis

with Dr Word Smith

Wednesday nights, 5-10pm, NYC, Lower East Side
May 22- June 19, 2019

5 Days 5 Elements

10 Herbal Formulas : A Patent Formula and a Tonic Formula for each Element
Qi Gong Exercises
Chinese 5 Elements
12 Meridians
Pattern Assessment from Chinese Medicine
Rudiments of Pulse, Tongue and Qi Gong assessment

Day 1: Wood Element
Si Wu Tang : Liver Formula - Cleansing and strengthening
Day 2: Fire
An Shen Bu Xin WAn: Insomnia formula
Heart Strengthening - Emotional Upper Burner Tonic formula
Day 3: Earth
Si Jun Zi Tang
Digestion and Qi Formula
Day 4: Metal
Yin Qiao Wan
Lung Tonic
Day 5: Water
Duo Ji Sheng Tang- Spine/Lower Back Formula
Low Energy Tonic Formula