SOS NADA Ear Acupuncture Certification

With Juan Cortez and Walter Basque 


70 hours Course includes 1 day intensive classroom training and up to 62 hours of in field training, qi gong and sound healing. 

For information on NADA click here.

$500 (Includes materials, starter kit and internship)

Limited to 10 students.  (Please reserve your spot by paying $250 deposit)

Location : NYHRE, 104-106 East 126 Street, New York 

Classroom date: Sunday, September 8, 10am-6pm

Internship : Hours will widely vary.  Some options include Saturdays 10-3pm at NYHRE, Friday mornings, Sundays, various health fairs and street outreach throughout the boroughs.

In this course, you will learn :

  • The 5-point detox protocol

  • Point locations and indications for each point

  • Ear needling techniques and safety procedures, clean needle technique

  • How to use leave-in Ear beads

  • History of NADA and Lincoln Detox Center

  • Internship includes Practical field experience with patients under supervision of Juan Cortez

  • Qi Gong 8 Section Brocade and Sound Healing techniques

  • This program will culminate in a legal certification to practice NADA 5-point ear acupuncture. To fully comply, you must practice under the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist in a Detox/Harm Reduction setting.

  • NADA registration fee is $40-$70 per year. This must be maintained if you wish to continue practicing.

  • Ear beads are unregulated and can be done anywhere and any time.