Rose Erin Vaughan is a Yoga teacher, Bhakti Yogi, Acupuncturist, Myofascial Therapist, and Anatomy specialist.  She serves others with a blend of traditional and alternative healing methods.  She holds a Master of Science in Acupuncture and a BS in Biology.  She has done numerous trainings in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Dharma Yoga and Mind Body Centering and has studied over 1000 hours with Sri Dharma Mittra.

Her Story: "I study the art of science - human biology and the Art of Tantra - understanding reality and consciousness through the physical and symbolic.  I arrived in NYC in 2003 after teaching yoga for a couple of years in southern USA where I am from.  I came here to live with my then teacher, Bhagavan Das.  I am a Bhakti.  My other spiritual teachers include Amma, Dharma Mittra, Geshe Michael Roach.  Since age 11, reading many philosophies, I devoted my life to the service of others.  I am here to help you on your path.  I began Yoga practice in 1996.    I have studied and practiced Myofascial based healing since 2000.  I developed the Science of Meridians practices and Teacher Training as a way to develop Yoga into a deeper and more real physical, emotional and spiritual practice.  Rather than transcending the body, we go into the body through specific channels and observe all kinds of emotions.

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Yoshio Hama started practicing yoga in Caracas, Venezuela in 1999. Between 1999 and 2008 he had the opportunity to study Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga under the guidance of different yoga instructors. In 2008, he came to New York with the intention of practicing and studying all styles of yoga. The first studio he visited was the Dharma Yoga New York Center, and the same day he took my first class with Sri Dharma Mittra. This day started his new life. He found his Guru, found the yoga and found a new spiritual family. He has never taken class in another yoga studio in New York to date. He is a 200, 500 and 800-Hour Dharma Yoga Certified Teacher.  For him, to teach Dharma Yoga means to transmit Sri Dharma’s message of compassion, collective mind and love for God.


Special Guest Experts and Staff


Benjamin Schwartz is completing Masters of Science in Acupuncture at Tri-State College of Acupuncture 2016-2019.  He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. His Yoga trainings include: 500Hr RYT certification Science of Self, New York City 2018, 500Hr Kane School Pilates Equipment and Mat certification, New York City 2016-2018, 500Hr RYT certification Om Yoga, Mexico City 2013-2015, Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, LAX Spring 2013, 200hr RYT certification Santosha Yoga, Bali 2012.  Additionally, Benji was the First American boy to play the lead role in a major Chinese Television Series, “The New My Fair Princess”, 98 episodes 2010-2011. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting, Marriot School of Business from Brigham Young University 2000-2006


Ammie Moralez Ferguson has been teaching yoga since 2010. Studied comparatively in classical stylesfrom Northern and Southern India, Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Science of the Self, acupressure, anatomy and pregnancy. In 2012 she opened her first yoga school. Mother and trained Macrobiotic and raw food chef, Ammie is a great source for tricks and tips of many things yoga and lifestyle. Ammie currently travels to lead yoga classes and workshops. @ammie_moralez_ferguson





Dr. Word Smith teaches our Yoga Sutras.  He is also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Master of Medical QiGong, Herbologist, and Yoga teacher.  He has studied and worked closely with Geshe Michael Roach and Sri Dharma Mittra. Facebook









Hector Marcel is the active manager of Three Jewels in NYC and teaches Buddhist philosophy there & in Asia. In Addition, he is a Change management consultant helping executives drive transformational change in their organizations through an emphasis on culture, people and service. He applies ancient Buddhist teachings to his consulting work around the globe. Hector has been a student of Geshe Michael Roach & Tibetan Buddhist philosophy since 1995.




Tania Nunez (Program Director and Teacher) has been practicing yoga since 1998. She first discovered Yoga at Dharma Yoga Center, where she completed her 200hr training with Sri Dharma Mittra back in 2010. She has since been teaching all level classes. In 2017 she completed the SOS 200hr YTT and has been the creator for the illustrations for The Science of Points and Pathways written by Rose Erin Vaughan, a guide book to help those who are seeking to expand their knowledge in the science of meridians. Tania also specializes in Yoga Ball Acupressure Therapy and is certified in Thai Yoga Therapy. Tania is currently working towards her 500hr Certification with Sri Dharma Mittra and is studying Ayurvedic holistic healing with Dr. Naina Marballi.

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Joshua Latour has explored various methods of healing and spiritual practices. The following courses have had the most significant influence on Joshua’s journey: Science of Self teacher, the Hatha Raja intensive with Sri Andrei Ram  and a Trauma-Informed yoga which most directly frames the application of yoga as a healing modality. Jos teache Trauma-Informed Yoga for SOS. It was and honor for Joshua to assist Rose Erin and Yoshio in the SOS trainings.  Joshua hopes to be able to help bring together many equally passionate individuals to form a community of like-minded healers. 

Anatole Nguyen received his first yoga certification from Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury and continued to study with Shri Dharma Mittra,  teaching and assisting at Dharma Yoga Center in NYC.

A martial artist for seventeen years, he completed a six year advanced Buddhist studies program at Diamond Mountain with Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally. Known for his vibrant, intuitive teaching style, Anatole has taught extensively in New York and around the world.