Science of Self uses traditional yoga postures, breathing, purification techniques and devotion

Combined with physical and energy anatomy based cues,
acupressure points, and organ awareness.

You must complete one of the 50-hr intensives (Austin, NYC, Miami, Costa Rica) and then complete an additional 150-hr 8-day intensive.

150-Hr 8 Day Intensive in NYC
200-hr Yoga Teacher Certification

Learn to teach an embodied practice.  March 6 - 13, 2019
* You must attend one of our 50-hr intensives first. 



This training is for all people

We designed this program for people who want to be free physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Whether you are beginner in yoga or an experienced teacher, we offer something new—turning the ordinary to extraordinary by awakening your own consciousness. Study the ancient Masters and practice timeless techniques to sharpen and expand the mind.  Find your Self in the Heart.

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Teacher training includes


Learn to teach a basic all-levels Vinyasa Yoga sequence, plus meridian activation and meditation exercises.  Our basic sequence is designed to be accessible to all types of students.  It is taught to thousands of students daily in NYC. You are free to modify and adapt this sequence for your own students. 


Practice and teach breathing techniques to balance, heal and activate mental powers.

Diet and Healing techniques

Learn about the Yogic diet and other purification techniques.

Physical and Energetic Anatomy

Applied, embodied and relevant physical anatomy, organs, chakras and meridians.

Science of Meridians

Learn to experience yoga using the ancient science of energy pathways, organs and emotions.  Plus learn and practice the most powerful acupressure points.

Bhakti and Mantra

Celebrate Yoga with the art and science of devotion and sound.

Philosophy & Tantra 

Get familiar with the Yoga Sutras and the spiritual science of Tantra.

May All Beings Everywhere Benefit from this. May we be of Service.