Level 2: SOS Meridian Yoga Therapy Certification


with Rose Erin Vaughan and Tanya Nunez and guests.
10 Thursdays 5-10pm
Daya Yoga Studio, 360 Jefferson St, Brooklyn NY
Dates: 5/14 to 7/23 (excluding 7/2)

*You must first complete either Level 1 Meridian Yoga Therapy Certification or 300-hr SOS Yoga Teacher Training

This AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) accredited course will depend your knowdleg and refine your MYT skills. Build your knowledge and skills to serve others.


  • Meridian Based Asana

  • Acupressure, Tui Na, Moxa and Cupping

  • Mantra


  • 12 Meridians Plus 4 Spiritual Vessels

  • 5 Spirits and Emotions

  • The Anatomy of Stress

  • 4 Stress Patterns and 4 protocols to use or adapt

  • Advanced MYT techniques

  • Basic Herbal formulas

  • Level 2 Moxa and cupping

  • Questioning and Observation skills

  • How to identify Common Patterns that lead to muscle tension, headaches, digestive issues, emotional issues, sleep issues and more.

  • Internship Opportunities at NYHRE and Daya

    **The Meridian Yoga Therapy (MYT) certification allows graduates to use the title, "Certified MYT Practitioner." These techniques can be used to inform the Yoga Practice for yourself and for your students. The MYT certification program does not provide graduates with a legal license to practice massage, bodywork, or acupressure in New York, or any state.